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Name: Adelle

Sex: Spayed Female

Born 5-5013, microchipped, de-wormed, and age appropriate vaccine, please call 260-484-5292 & leave message to fill out application now.

KOKO- Spayed female born 6-2012 Looking for a large area to play, great with other dogs, loves everyone. Koko is a American Coon Dog mix and likes to stay busy. She is housebroke, and knows basic commands ( doesn't always listen) but she knows them)

Names: Toyota & Zukee
Sex: Males
The "Boys" Toyota and Zukee,  born spring 2012.  These two need to go home together, Microchipped neutered and are up to date on vaccines. The are very playful and are never more than a few inches away from each other.

Name: Blue, or BooBoo

Sex: Neutered Male

BLue loves to go outside, he is a dominant male cat and likes to throw his weight around (no bad habits) - he just likes everyone to know he is boss. Blue was a stray has been Leukemia tested and is negative, microchipped and up to date on vaccines. Blue had torn his own ear almost completely off when we found him due to ear mites, he is now kept on monthly revolution and has since healed.   Blue has requested a country home where he can go out and hunt if he gets bored, ok with dogs. Blue is a lap cat, loves to be petted, and and sleeps in the foster moms bed. 260-484-5292

Name: "Tina  White toes"

Sex: Female

Tina white toes, an independent playful young lady, does fine with other cats. She and her mom Deedee lost their home when their owner was evicted from their apartment. Tina is up for adoption - but her mom Deedee will stay with go cats go as a permanent resident. She does not care too much for humans, but toes loves to play and needs a home. A sweet indoor only kitty.

Names: Annika (Grey & White) & Aubrey (Brown & White)
Sex: Females
 Annika (age: 7) & Aubrey (age:8) are sisters in good health ( may need dental in future). They are both thin light lap cats. They are spayed and up to date on vaccines. They need a warm lap to sleep on. Go Cats Go took them out of a no kill shelter to try and find them a home.  These gals were dumped after living their whole live with the same family who just "didn't want any longer" as a reason. They sat in a cage waiting for someone to help them. These are beautiful cats, they like everyone, get along with other cats, are quiet and like a lot of attention. If allowed they would go in and out of the house, but are strictly indoor at their foster home. They like canned food once a day as a treat.  They don't get on the counter or table and are pretty quiet overall. Fine with other cats, but no dogs please..

Name: Felix

Sex: Male

Solid black 12 yr old cat needs canned food 4-5 times a day and his supplement called "absorb more". Felix was dumped at a no kill shelter in 2011, ( no reason given). He was nothing but skin over bones when go cats received him. He went from 14 lbs to just 9 lbs in three short months at the shelter. Felix in frail, needs to be handled with care and must have canned food several times a day. Felix needs someone who has the love to give him the time he needs, he is friendly and loves to sit on your lap. You can see in his eyes how lost he feels.

Name: Isabelle Marie

Sex: Female

Isabelle, a quiet content kitty, she is Leukemia positive, ok with other cats, no dogs please. Issy was dumped at a no kill shelter in 2011 here in Indiana, taken out by Go Cats Go and put up for adoption, She was adopted out by Go Cats Go ( they knew she was luk positive) and several months later  again dumped at Animal Care & Control here in Fort Wayne.  Thanks to Animal Care & Control she was returned to us.  Animal Care & Control called us and we went and got her, she was dumped there for no reason when she should of been returned to us (the micro-chip saved her life). She  needs a stable home, and canned food twice a day, prefers Iams dry food to anything. Leukemia positive cats can live a long healthy life. Stress can cause the Leukemia to cause other sickness, as of today 12-25-12 she is a healthy petite sweet kitty that wants to be adopted...

Flash, our 14 yr old boy, Flash got kicked out of his home of 14 yrs when his owners decided to get a dog. Dumped at a no kill shelter and lived in a cage.

 Flash is now in foster care and desperatly needs a place to call home. ( prefebaly with no stairs)
Flash is slow moving, front declawed cat, he is either eating, sleeping or looking for someone to pet him. He needs to be handled gently due to his age but appears  in great health. Flash eats hard food but appreciates the canned food.
A bat that visited go cats go 
( not up for adoption)


P.O. Box 4, Churubusco, In 46723
(Fort Wayne Based)



 Go Cats Houses over 50 homeless / stray / feral cats that need food daily, please help us feed them.

We are in need of  canned food
( 12-25-12)     
 Donation bin at Pet Supplies Plus on Coldwater.
(Friskies green bag indoor delights) /  Purina One / Whiskas



 ZIP CODE 46825



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